Lake Atitlan, Guatemala –

(by Freda) The road to San Pedro village on Lake Atitlan is windy, to say the least. It was dark and the bus was mainly taking the turns wide. This involved driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid the giant crater potholes. The bus of tourists pitched from left to right to…Read more Lake Atitlan, Guatemala –



(by Keith) All the talk on the way to Antigua was what volcanoe hike we were going to do and for how long. Our tour guide, Gilmer Soy came well recommended through TripAdvisor. He is from Antigua and only uses local guides. He uses the profits from his tour to build playgrounds for the local…Read more Volcano 

Volcano Acatenango, Guatemala – you nearly broke, but it was more than worth it!

(by Freda)Volcano Acatenango was a challenge we ignorantly took on with little thought which was the most difficult thing we've undertaken on our trip , and also - without a doubt - has been the BEST day of our 4 months of travelling!For the uninitiated, the famed overnight Volcano Acatenango overnight trip involves climbing up…Read more Volcano Acatenango, Guatemala – you nearly broke, but it was more than worth it!

Antigua, Guatemala – you stole my heart!

(by Freda)Antigua in Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage site in itself, is a small city surrounded by huge volcanoes (one of which we'll climb - blog post to come next!) with streets set in a perfect grid formation. It's prior Spanish colonisation and it having been the old Capital of Guatemala gives it an air…Read more Antigua, Guatemala – you stole my heart!

Semuc Champey, Guatemala –

(by Freda)We'd heard the name Semuc Champey come up time and time again from people who were recently in Guatemala, mentioning it as a trip highlight. So we made the 9 hour (yes 9 HOURS!!) round trip along fairly terrible potholed roads and deep into the Guatemalan rural countryside.Even after we decided to visit Semuc…Read more Semuc Champey, Guatemala –

Tikal, Guatemala – jungle Mayan ruins at “sunrise”

(by Freda) We did the sunrise tours of Tikal which involved a 2.45am rise and shine(ish). We got to the bus at 3am, arrived at Tikal at 4am and then started our trek through the jungle in the complete darkness so we'd arrive on time for sunrise, when the jungle woke up. Some words of…Read more Tikal, Guatemala – jungle Mayan ruins at “sunrise”